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February 4, 2018
March 18, 2018
Seminar March 23, 2018
April 29, 2018
June 10, 2018
July 22, 2018
September 2, 2018
Seminar October 13, 2018
November 25, 2018
January 6, 2019

All meetings are at the Pearl Community Center, 2420 Old Brandon Road, Pearl, MS 39208
11:00 a.m.

Support Group Meeting Dates and Sites

October 2018 Seminar

"Coming to Grips with Underlying Issues When Dealing with Addiction"

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The Mississippi Association of Recovering Pharmacists (MARP) held its annual seminar the weekend of August 18-19, 2017 at Trotter Convention Center in Columbus, MS. The title of the seminar was "Understanding Roadblocks to Recovery" and featured lectures from Lisa Frederiksen, Cheri Atwood, Dr. Michael Wilkerson, and Maggie Banger. Please click on the "News" tab for a more detailed account.


The Mississippi Association of Recovering Pharmacists was founded August 30, 1987. Several interested pharmacists got together to form an organization to aid impaired pharmacists. The members did this at the suggestion of the Board after Jerry Wilson had gone to the Board to ask their help in acquiring a phone line of sorts which would be used to answer questions about addiction. The Board, in turn, told Jerry to form an organization which would have the authority to monitor pharmacists who had problems with addiction in the past and therefore problems with the Board. Mr. H.W. Holleman, then Executive Director of the Board, told Jerry that the Board had long been waiting for a viable group to surface. more



MARP President
Don Comfort

Marp Vice President
Adam Lochridge

Marp Vice President
Steve Wilson

MARP Secretary
Chad Braddock

MARP Treasurer
Jerry Fortenberry

MARP Office
Administrative Assistant
Jerry Fortenberry

77 Deer Run
Columbus, MS 39705
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